Mold Remediation and Clean Up

Are you in need of professional mold removal in Orange County, California?

Look no further! Rytech offers professional, affordable mold cleanup.

We’re Fast and Efficient

When it comes to water and mold damage, time is an incredibly important factor. We understand that, and we want to minimize the damage caused to your home by mold.

Within 2-4 hours after receiving your call, one of our certified technicians will be at your property to inspect the damage. Our thermal imaging cameras give us information about the extent of the damage to your home so we know how best to help you.

Mold Removal Structural Integrity

Mold Caused By Flooding

Mold can happen quickly – especially after any flood or plumbing disaster. Mold can grow and reach into the inner, unseen corners of your home. That’s why it is incredibly important to leave it to the professionals for mold removal in Orange County. Mold can cause damage to both your home and health. In your home, mold can weaken the structural integrity of your home and can cause wood rot. As for your health, mold can cause allergy-like symptoms. Individuals prone to allergies, a weakened immune system, or other respiratory issues are affected the most by mold in homes.

Mold Removal Orange County

Our Mold Removal Process- Orange County

  1. Learn about the Moisture– Our thermal imaging cameras help us construct a clear image of the extent of the mold damage. We will find the source of the mold and get rid of that so your mold issue won’t return.
  2. Create a Mold Removal Plan– We will take what we learned and come up with a plan on how best to remove the mold from your home.
  3. Remediate the Mold Contamination – Our certified technicians will home into your home and first isolate the contaminated area. We will then remove the mold-damaged and wet material and place the materials in plastic bags. After this, we will deep clean the affected area and make sure all contaminated areas are thoroughly cleaned.
  4. Check the Success of the Mold Removal – After we have removed and deep cleaned all contaminated areas, we will double-check the area and make sure everything is cleaned and taken care of so the mold does not return to your home.